Bursting myths around CBD Products

As the world around us is developing with technology and digitisation, it is also bringing new fears and uncertainties. The busy and hectic lifestyles that we live in allow us little time to invest in our body and health.

Thankfully with problems, there are also solutions.
Today, it is all about those super foods that can provide maximum health benefits in our busy lives. Familiar sources of essential vitamins, fiber and antioxidants are – berries, leafy vegetables, nuts and fruits. These nutrient-dense foods can prove highly beneficial in uplifting one’s lifestyle.

However, everyone’s lifestyle may not be able to accommodate a regular intake of these nutritious food options. Specific health requirements demand particular supplements. Cannabidiol – known as CBD, is one such plant-based supplement, bringing with it solutions for particular illnesses while improving one’s overall health. It is time that we explore more about CBD and its health benefits as a new-age therapeutic discovery.

How safe is CBD?

CBD belongs to the cannabinoids family and is one of the 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp plants. There are different types of Cannabinoids also found in other foods that we consume daily, such as Chia seeds, eggs, chocolate, flax seeds, walnuts and similar superfoods. Since its discovery in the 1940s, Cannabinoids has wrongly associated with several harmful myths. Subsequent scientific research has revealed the health benefits of this super plant.

Cannabinoids are the lesser-known element of the cannabis plant—cannabinoids can be found in herbs, plants and animal-based products. ‘Cannabinoids’ has been loosely associated with drug-based substances, some of which are psychoactive while most of them are not. Scientists have found that some cannabinoids can be very beneficial to the body in its daily recovery and repair.

WHO certifies CBD as a safe product? There are no reported cases of dependence or non-medical usage. CBD is a legal supplement in the UK and is not a controlled drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, neither is it covered by the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016.

CBD is free of any psychoactive elements that can make you high. When used with awareness, CBD products UK are not intoxicating and are used to relieve specific health concerns.

How do Cannabinoids benefit our body?

As cannabinoids enter our body, they directly interact with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) of our body at the cellular level. The ECS discovered in the early ’90s as an identified biological system, that balances critical functions in the body, including sleep, growth, circulatory functions, and others. Scientists and researchers are still unraveling the human ECS and understanding its functionality.

However, what’s clear is that each type of cannabinoid has a different effect on the body’s receptors of the nervous system and creates notable results. When consumed in the right dosage, cannabinoids can regulate vital aspects of the body and enhance the user’s well-being.

In illness or an after an injury, our body’s ability to build natural cannabinoids is affected. The effect can then hamper the way it deals with the disease or stress and alters the optimal functioning of the ECS. It is in times like these that CBD comes to our aid. CBD edibles can help the body to cope with the lack of cannabinoids and enhance its natural strength.

Why CBD is the way to go?

It could be the story of Catherine Jacobson, a neuroscience Ph.D. exploring CBD to treat her son suffering from epileptic seizures; or that of 12-year-old Billy Caldwell undergoing treatment of Tilray cannabis oil for his chronic seizures. These and many more have given a ray of hope to families and parents of children with similar conditions.

The beneficial effects of CBD edibles on the human body are possibly endless. They have anti-inflammatory and antipsychotic properties that are proven to reduce anxiety. CBD normalises the body’s homeostasis and addresses chronic mental disorders and depression. It is also known to reduce pain, regulate blood pressure and control bacterial skin infections. Ironic to its notorious reputation, CBD, helps to treat substance addiction.

How can CBD be consumed?

Over the years, manufacturers have become more creative with the CBD products in UK they produce to help cater for the wide variety of ailments CBD can help with. There are multiple ways to consume CBD including as edibles, oils, baked goods, soothing teas, CBD hemp capsules, topical creams and more.

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