How Can CBD Edibles in the UK Help You? Here Are 9 Benefits Backed By Science!

Have you been wanting to buy CBD edibles, but have been unsure of its many health benefits? Now’s a great time to learn about how our CBD edibles in the UK can help you!

CBD (Cannabidiol) is among the many natural and healthy compounds found in hemp and cannabis plants. When you use CBD, whether topically, or through inhalation / consumption, it interacts with neuroreceptors in your body’s endocannabinoid system. This then sends sweet little “messages” through your cells to help regulate your mood, immune system, and movement. This in turn helps maintain your body’s homeostasis.

CBD is completely non-psychoactive in nature, meaning, it can’t get you “high”. That’s THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). If you’ve been on the fence about buying CBD edibles for this reason, you can be reassured it is completely safe and will not get you high. It’ll mellow you out and relax you, among many other amazing effects. But it is totally non-psychoactive.

All our CBD products in the UK have less than 0.2% THC, making them completely legal and safe for use.

Now, enough waiting. Here’s what you came for…

9 Science-Backed Benefits of Our CBD Edibles in the UK

  1. CBD Helps Relieve Pain
    Sometimes pain can be unmanageable. That’s where CBD comes in. CBD is known to help alleviate aches and pains related to arthritis and other chronic illnesses.Canada approved an oromucosal spray with CBD in it for the treatment of pain related to multiple sclerosis. Then, in 2007, the medicine was approved yet again for the treatment of cancer-related pain that was unresponsive to other treatments.Apart from this, lots of other studies have proven the pain-relief element of CBD. In 2020, researchers held a study in which patients with symptomatic peripheral neuropathy were given topical CBD. Another group was given a placebo. The group that took the CBD showed a significant reduction in pain, cold, and itchy sensations. There were no side effects.

    Topically speaking, CBD is much localized and is great at treating specific pains in certain areas.

  2. CBD Has Neuroprotective Properties
    Since CBD acts on the body’s ECS, as well as other brain signaling systems, researchers think that it may be helpful for people with neurological disorders like Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and Multiple Sclerosis.
    CBD oils and other CBD products have shown promising results when it comes to reducing muscle spasticity in people with multiple sclerosis.
    A study was done in which 214 people with severe epilepsy were given 0.9-2.3 grams of CBD oil per 2-5 kg of their body weight, and their seizures actually reduced by 36.5% on average. Another study showed that CBD oils reduced seizures in kids with Dravet syndrome.*
    Many studies have also shown that CBD improves the quality of life and sleep for those who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease. Apart from this, animal (and test-tube) studies made evident that CBD helps decrease inflammation and neurodegeneration that come with Alzheimer’s. One long-term study was held in which mice that were genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s were given CBD, and it helped alleviate cognitive decline!
    * Please note that in both these studies, some people also had adverse reactions like convulsions, fever, and fatigue.
  1. CBD Reduces Anxiety and Helps With Depression
    The calming effect of CBD is its most popular factor. A study was done in 2017 in which 57 men were tested on anxiety levels for a simulated public speaking test. They were given varying levels of CBD before their speeches (150, 300, and 600 mg). A few were given placebos. The men who took 300 mg of CBD showed significant amounts of reduced anxiety, identifying the amount as a “sweet spot” since the men who took less or more were still fairly anxious.Apart from this, a study on mice proved that CBD worked similarly to a common antidepressant; imipramine.
  2. CBD Treats Addictions
    CBD in itself is non-addictive in nature. That’s why it’s been widely used to treat addictions like opioid addictions, alcoholism, and nicotine addictions.
    Animal and human studies have shown that CBD can significantly help people who are addicted to opioids. In one study, researchers gave CBD to people with heroin addictions. Over a week, it helped reduce their cravings, withdrawals, and anxiety. It even physically helped them as it reduced their resting heart rate and salivary cortical levels. There were also no adverse effects.
    Other studies proved CBD’s benefits in treating anxiety, insomnia, and pain in people with substance abuse issues.
  1. CBD Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties
    Countless studies have proven that CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help with swelling, pain, and skin issues like acne outbreaks and more. In fact, CBD is widely used by people with eczema as it’s so light on the skin and doesn’t have any adverse effects. The anti-inflammatory property of CBD also makes it easy to deal with chronic pain and swelling from illnesses like arthritis.
  2. CBD Is Great For Skin & Can Help Reduce Acne
    Acne is an extremely common skin condition that affects people of all ages. It usually occurs due to a whole bunch of factors like genetics, underlying inflammation, bacteria, and sebum overproduction.Recent studies have shown that CBD oils can help treat acne due to its anti-inflammatory nature. It even reduces the production of sebum, which is integral to fight acne. A test tube study was done in which CBD oil was seen to prevent sebaceous glands from secreting excess amounts of sebum, while also exhibiting anti-inflammatory properties! Since, many studies have taken place where CBD has proved to be efficient in fighting acne. It is also entirely natural and organic, so it’s safe for all skin-types (CBD Oils are even used to treat people with eczema!).
  3. CBD Can Help With Epilepsy Symptoms
    In certain cases, CBD can be used to treat epileptic seizures.In fact, CBD was legalized as a medical treatment for Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome, which are two rare forms of epilepsy, in patients as young as 2 years old.Three studies were held to prove CBD’s effect on epileptic seizures. 516 patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome were given either CBD or a placebo. The patients who were administered CBD showed a significant reduction in frequency of seizures compared to the ones who took the placebo.
  4. CBD May Be Helpful In Treating Cancer-Related Symptoms
    Studies have shown that CBD edibles in the UK can reduce symptoms related to cancer treatment, like nausea, vomiting, and pain. Apart from this, CBD has been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties which can potentially help fight cancer cells. A study was done on mice in which CBD oils proved to lessen the spread of aggressive breast cancer cells.Though there is still a lot of research left to do on this particular benefit, CBD oils have a promising future in the field of cancer treatment.
  5. CBD Can Also Help With PTSD Symptoms
    A study was held in 2018 in which 11 people with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD, for short) were given CBD alongside psychiatric care for 8 weeks. Out of eleven, ten of them showed a decreased amount of PTSD symptoms, and the CBD was well tolerated, with little to no side effects. Of course, it’s important to remember that with disorders like PTSD, you need side-by-side therapy with CBD treatment.


These 9 Science-Backed Benefits are merely scraping the surface of the iceberg of what CBD edibles in the UK can do for you. In truth, CBD can help you in many more ways as well. So, stay tuned to our blog if you want to follow the magical journey of CBD!

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