CBD Pain Oil and CBD oils, in general, have been gaining popularity rapidly over the course of the past few years. These miracle products are a great alternative form of meditation and act as a great add-on to your overall everyday health. CBD oils in the UK come in many different forms, but CBD Pain Oil is among the most popular.

People rely on CBD pain oil in the UK for pain relief when it comes to a lot of issues. In fact, CBD pain oil is known to help people with chronic pain as well. People who suffer from chronic pain usually use CBD pain oil to make their symptoms manageable. It is known to reduce:

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Discomfort from varying health issues

The research on CBD pain oils in the UK has proven to be promising and is a great alternative for people suffering from chronic pain, who may normally rely on opioids and other medications that are addictive in nature and come with many negative side effects. Though research has proven time and time again the benefits of CBD oils, more research is needed to completely verify its effects.

Based on what we know about CBD oils so far, read on to learn more about its benefits when it comes to pain relief.*

*If you think CBD pain oil might be the right option for you, consult your doctor and check if it’s the right product for your ailment.

First Off, What Is CBD?

Before we move on to the potential benefits of CBD pain oils in the UK, let’s give you a little more insight into the wonderful world of CBD.

CBD is the abbreviation for “Cannabidiol”, which is a naturally occurring chemical found in hemp plants. A common misconception is that CBD gets you “high”, but it doesn’t. That’s Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a completely different type of cannabinoid that’s found in marijuana plants. CBD is completely non-psychoactive in nature, non-addictive, and comes with many, many health benefits (like pain relief and anti-inflammation) that we’re going to elucidate in this article!

CBD Pain Oil For Relief From Chronic Pain

Now that you know what CBD is, it’ll help to understand how it affects your body. Your body has this system called the “endocannabinoid system” or ECS for short. Researchers have seen that CBD tends to interact with this system and its receptors* present in your immune system and brain. When this interaction takes place, it leads to pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful in pain management for chronic pain.

So this proves that CBD pain oil in the UK may work wonders for people suffering from chronic pains like chronic back pain. In fact, there was a review done in 2018 that showed how much CBD helped in relieving chronic pain in patients suffering from various types of it. This review encompassed case studies from 1975 to 2018 and focused on many different pains, such as:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Pain Related To Cancer
  • Neuropathic Pain

These diverse studies all concluded that CBD had very good overall pain-relieving effects, without any negative side effects.

* Receptors = small proteins that attach to your body’s cells that receive chemical signals from stimuli to gather response from your body.

CBD Oils For Pain Relief From Arthritis

Another great use of CBD pain oils in the UK is to treat patients suffering from pain related to arthritis. To understand the effect of CBD on pain related to arthritis, let’s look back at a study that took place in 2016, which focused on the use of CBD on rats with arthritis.

The researchers in this study put CBD oils and gels on rats suffering from arthritis for 4 consecutive days. The rats were given 0.6, 3.1, 6.2, or 62.3 mg of CBD per day. During the study, the researchers were able to see a reduction in inflammation and overall pain relief in the rats’ joints, with no visibly obvious side effects. Some important things from the study to note are:

  • Rats that had lower doses like 0.6 mg and 3.1 mg didn’t get much pain relief.
  • It was noted that 6.2 mg a day was an ideal amount to reduce swelling and pain.
  • Rats were given 62.3 mg a day didn’t show any increased pain relief. The outcome was similar to the rats given 6.2 mg a day, proving that a larger dosage didn’t mean increased pain relief.

This study was groundbreaking in proving the ability of CBD to help patients with pain related to arthritis, but more human studies are needed to verify and confirm this fact further.

CBD Pain Oil UK: Does It Help With Pain Related To Cancer Treatment?

The use of CBD oils in reducing pain related to cancer treatment is also increasing in popularity, with more and more people using CBD Pain Oil in the UK. Some research has even shown CBD effectively reduces the size of tumors. Most studies have shown that CBD helps in pain management for cancer treatment and cancer-related pain.

It has been pointed out that CBD oils may help reduce the intensity of side effects from chemotherapy, including:

  • Vomiting and Nausea
  • Pain
  • Appetite Loss

A 2010 study took place in which subjects who were afflicted with cancer-related pain were given oral sprays of a CBD/THC extract. This combination was used for one group (alongside opioids), while the other group used only Opioids instead. As the study progressed, it was shown that the CBD/THC extract was more effective than opioids alone when it came to pain relief.

A study that later took place in 2013 had a similar conclusion as well, furthering the stance of CBD as an effective alternative to deal with cancer and cancer treatment-related pain.

Some Side Effects of CBD Pain Oil

Though the side effects are limited and not as drastic as with opioids and other medications, it’s always best to know the potential “harm” that can come from the use of CBD oils and CBD pain oils. Everyone’s body is different and will react differently to different products, which is why it’s always best to consult your physician before using any new products. Check-in with your doctor to confirm if CBD oils are right for your body.

The potential side effects of CBD are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Appetite Changes
  • Weight Changes
  • Fatigue

Apart from these side effects, it’s important to remember that certain chemical reactions can take place in your body when you combine two things. CBD may react with:

  • Dietary Supplements
  • OTC Medications
  • Prescription Drugs

This is why you must check in with your doctor before taking anything new. Your doctor will be able to determine if you can consume CBD products and tell you what reactions to look out for in detail.

Every drug and OTC medication runs the risk of liver toxicity when overused. CBD oils are also the same. Studies showed that when rats were given copious amounts of CBD oils and extracts, they ran a higher risk of suffering from liver toxicity. But that was only because the amount given to them was so high. When taken in moderation and according to your body’s needs, CBD extract and CBD oils are completely safe and a great natural way to deal with pain.

To Sum It Up…

CBD pain oil in the UK is a great alternative to OTC medications and has proven itself time and time again to be increasingly effective in treating pain related to many reasons.

It is ideal for patients suffering from arthritis because its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties provide great (natural and safe) relief. Apart from arthritis, CBD pain oil can be used to relieve many other kinds of pain, such as pain related to cancer and cancer treatment, migraines, headaches, and more!

CBD oils are a true miracle in the health industry and are rapidly growing in popularity day by day. If you’re suffering from pain and are considering using CBD pain oil to alleviate your pain, you can shop our products on the Sun State Hemp website; we have many options to choose from, to help you with all your everyday needs!

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