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You’ve heard of CBD gummies multiple times, but did you know that you can get CBD bon bons as well? Bon bons are extremely tasty and are an ideal snack to satiate your sweet-tooth. When you add this remarkable flavour and taste to an added kick of CBD-goodness, you get an almost too good to be true product. But it’s true! CBD bon bons are here and they’re here to stay! So, add a nice relaxing and peaceful kick to dessert time and pop a few of our CBD bon bons. They’ll help you relax and give you peace when it comes to that sweet-craving you just can’t seem to satiate. People have different preferences when it comes to food and desserts. Some people love gummies and hate having to bite into something harder than a gummy, while other people detest gummies and prefer that crunch. If you’re not a huge fan of gummies and you don’t like gummies all too much, we have a good alternative for you. CBD bon bons come in amazing flavors and have the same effect as CBD gummies. Packed with 750 mg of CBD goodness, our CBD bon bons come in exciting flavors like apple, blueberry, lemon, strawberry, and toffee. With a flavor to suit every tongue, our CBD will melt in your mouth and take all your troubles away with them.
100% natural and organic, as well as 100% tasty, you can satiate your sweet tooth while also sucking up some much-needed nutrients from our CBD. These are also ideal for children and youngsters, so they can get all the nutrients they need without compromising on taste. Say goodbye to troublesome pills that are hard to swallow, and welcome our CBD into your life!