Full Spectrum CBD Paste – 1ml


Full Spectrum Paste 2000mg 1ml – NEW PRODUCT


If you’re looking for a cure-all CBD-goodness-filled alternative that can be used in many, many different ways, CBD paste may just be the right thing for you. Use it topically or orally, it still has the same tantalizing and healing effect on you. You can even mix it with your food if you don’t want to consume it as is. It’s great for older people and children as well, because it’s all-natural and heals all sorts of ailments. If you have a child that finds it difficult to apply their eczema cream, or if they’re fussy when it comes to multi-vitamins, CBD paste can wash all your troubles away. Even if you’re an adult (or older person) and find it hard to take many supplements a day, CBD paste is just what you need. Helping with multiple ailments and having a plethora of uses, CBD paste is kind of an enigmatic god-send when it comes to healing!

CBD Paste is a thick liquid with a mixture of CBD extract, wax, butter, or oil. It is extremely versatile in its uses and can be taken in many ways, making it convenient and safe to use. Since it is all-natural and organic, CBD paste can be taken sublingually by placing it under the tongue. You can also consume it orally by mixing it with your food/drink. It can also be used directly on the skin. CBD can help with all sorts of ailments like pain relief for arthritis and chronic pain, sleep disorders like insomnia, allergies, anxiety, or even just to uplift your mood! Our CBD will have you feeling relaxed and light, while also targeting areas of pain and tension. With a whopping 2000 mg of CBD, our CBD is a full-spectrum all-natural organic cure-all for all your needs!