Honey Sticks 250mg Apple


Sun State Hemp has selected wildflower honey imported from Colorado for its notable health benefits.This honey?s ability to increase energy levels, its antioxidant properties as well as working wonders for the health of your skin, digestion and respiratory systems has made it a must have.
CBD Honey sticks are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to incorporate CBD into your daily routine.Delicious & effective, each stick is packed with enough flavour to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Infused with organic full spectrum hemp oil, honey sticks can be consumed directly or used as a sweetener for food and drink.With coffee, tea, toast or cereal!

Additional information

Size & Concentration

25pcs – 10mg per stick


Pure Raw Wildflower Honey, Organic Coconut Oil, Hemp Extract

How To Use

Cut the top of the honey stick, either consume the honey directly or apply to food/drink of your choice.Do not consume plastic packaging. Recommended Use: 1 -2 Pcs.Do not exceed 4 pcs every 6 hours

Total Cannabinoids


Key Ingredients / Benefits

American Wildflower Honey