Cannabidiol, or simply put, CBD, has become a trend of late. Many people have switched to using CBD products and find them to be super helpful and effective in many different fields of use. Whether it be for pain relief or for vitamin supplementing, there’s a CBD product that’s perfect for you. In fact, fiber gummies in the UK have become super popular, and people are looking towards CBD for their daily nutritional needs. But, sadly, the taste is not for everyone. CBD has a very distinct raw and earthy taste, and that doesn’t suit everyone’s palette. But, there’s no need to worry since there are multiple alternatives to pure CBD oil in the UK. Apart from directly putting CBD oil in your food, you can even get CBD in the form of edible CBD gummies in the UK as well as Neon gummies, for a brighter and more attractive look (and taste).

If you’re one of those people that can’t stand the raw and earthy taste of pure CBD oil, this article is for you. In this article, we’ll highlight things you need to know about CBD gummies in the UK and where you can get them.

First Off, What Are CBD Gummies?

Before we get into its benefits, we’ll give you some context on what CBD gummies are. CBD oil is made through the extraction of cannabidiol and other cannabinoids from the hemp plant, which is then added to an inert oil. CBD gummies work in the same way, with the same process. Instead of an inert oil, the CBD is added straight into a recipe or made into an oil which is then turned into a gummy treat.

The process of making CBD gummies in the UK is similar to pretty much every other normal gummy available in the market. With CBD gummies, you get a healthy kick of CBD in varying shapes and colors, as well as flavors.

To consume edible CBD gummies in the UK, you just have to chew on the gummy once or twice a day, depending on the CBD concentration. You even get CBD gummies in different forms for different issues. Say you want a vitamin kick, then CBD vitamins are for you. Or, if you’re lacking fiber in your diet, then fiber gummies in the UK are for you. Alternatively, you may have a child that is in need of CBD vitamin supplements. An easy way to get your child on board is by presenting them with neon gummies. The fun colors and flavors will have them excited about their vitamins in no time!

Are CBD Gummies Legal in the UK?

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp plants. This means that CBD doesn’t get you “high”. THC, on the other hand, is the popular psychoactive compound found in Marijuana and it does have that “high” effect. All CBD products are legal in the UK as long as they contain less than 0.2% THC.

Pros And Cons Of CBD Gummies

When you venture into the world of CBD, you’ll have to find a product that works best for you. Every product has its own pros and cons, and so you must always put in the research so you know exactly what you’re consuming. Here are some general pros and cons when it comes to CBD gummies and neon gummies:


  • You get all the health benefits of CBD oil, minus the raw and earthy taste
  • Wide variety of flavors and choices to choose from
  • Super easy to consume and can be added seamlessly to your everyday routine
  • Ideal for kids
  • Super convenient for on the go use


  • Lower bioavailability than pure CBD oil
  • Tend to be a little more expensive than CBD oil, but this also depends on where you’re buying from
  • It’s hard to resist eating the whole box because they just taste so good

Chances are, you’ll have to try out a few products before deciding which one’s just right for you. Lucky for you, you can go through this trial and error process without burning holes in your pocket because Sun State Hemp offers all these products for super reasonable prices!

Some Benefits Of CBD Gummies

Apart from the pros listed above, CBD gummies have a lot of health benefits and are super easy to consume, especially on the go. So, here’s a list of additional benefits you get from CBD gummies and neon gummies!

  • CBD has been consumed for many years and is totally safe. In fact, hemp was one of the first crops to be fully domesticated by humans for food and medicinal use. Ancient cultures used to use the hemp plant for various things like food, clothes, paper, and more!
  • CBD is super environmentally friendly. As mentioned above, hemp plants can be used for a variety of things. In fact, hemp is so sustainable that pretty much all parts of the plant can be used, with zero waste and negative byproducts.
  • CBD gummies are not only easy to consume but are extremely tasty as well. This makes them ideal for children and even adults who don’t like the medicinal and earthy taste of CBD oil.
  • When you consume CBD gummies, you feel the effects for longer than when you take CBD through other forms, like vaping. This is because the compound takes longer to enter your bloodstream. The process is slower than vaping, and so the effects are felt for longer. Plus, it’s a much healthier alternative to smoking / vaping.
  • CBD gummies are rich in antioxidants. Apart from this, CBD has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that have even helped people with chronic pain.
  • You won’t irritate your lungs when you consume CBD gummies. This benefit is pretty self-explanatory.
  • The side effects are minimal, and they’re super discrete so you can carry them around with you and consume them on the go! CBD gummies are perfect for all people because there are no super bad side effects. At most, you may just get a little bit of a dry mouth, but this will remind you to stay hydrated, so it’s a win-win!
  • Adds a positive twist to your day and helps calm you down. CBD is also known to help people with various mental health conditions, including PTSD, General Anxiety Disorder, and even Depression.

Where Can I Get CBD Gummies in the UK?

Now that you’re aware of CBD gummies and their many benefits, you’re probably wondering just where you can buy these miracle candies. You’re in luck because Sun State Hemp just so happens to stock some of the best edible CBD gummies in the UK, as well as neon gummies and super effective fiber gummies in the UK. Apart from this, we also have a wide range of other CBD products that you might find useful, like pain relief cream, vitamins, supplements, and even CBD beauty products. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll through our online shop and find something perfect for you. Our prices are reasonable and our products are of the highest quality. Not to mention, we have free shipping on orders above £20!

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